Statement regarding Ken Bates – Friday, 6th of March, 2015

We listened to the Ken Bates interview last night on Radio Yorkshire (05th of March, 2015), where Mr. Bates commented on the ownership of Leeds United, claiming that 11 % of the club is for sale. Ken Bates further commented with reference to Leeds Fans LLP, saying: “come on Leeds Fans, put your money where your mouth is.. 11% will be available .. Put up or shut up”

Lots of you have been in contact to ask us what this means for our initiative, and what happens next. As we’ve said all along, we want to buy a stake in Leeds United so we’re interested to hear what Mr. Bates has to say. It should be noted that the Insolvency Service were made aware of our interest in Leeds United shares as soon as this potential opportunity arose.

You can register your interest here: