Become a Shareholder

"Promoting Fan Ownership at Leeds United"

We have created an incredibly secure, quick and easy-to-use system that allows you to buy a stake in Leeds Fans Utd Community Benefit Society Ltd and potentially own a small part of Leeds United Football Club. Please read the instructions below carefully.

As a legal requirement, all potential shareholders must read, understand and accept the offer document.

Shares are priced at £1 each and must be purchased in blocks of 100. Using the buttons below, please tell us the number of shares you wish to buy. Once you have selected the right amount, click APPLY NOW to go to the payment screen. We have set an investment limit here of £10,000.

ClickingTapping the buttons increases/decreases the number of shares by 100. If you hold down shift at the same time as clicking, it increases/decreases the number of shares by 1,000.


*Unfortunately, there is a cost to the CBS to administer the application process which we have to partially pass on to applicants. This is currently set at 2.5% of the share value applied for plus 20p.

Any supporter who wishes to purchase shares needs to read the Offer Document (supporters who are not residents of the UK need to specifically read section 13).

There are two ways to purchase – either via the online application and payment system or by downloading an application form at

Please contact us on ku.oc1544703256.sbcs1544703256nafsd1544703256eel@o1544703256fni1544703256 if you have further questions.