Notice of Leeds Fans Utd CBS Annual General Meeting
Notice of Election of Director to the board.

This year’s Annual General Meeting has been provisionally scheduled for 20th May 2021.

Prior to this year’s Annual General Meeting, we are holding an election for two Directors for Leeds Fans Utd CBS Ltd by electronic poll.

This election has arisen because two of the current directors are required by Community Benefit Society Law to retire and re-stand for election.

This year Philip Robinson and Andrew Curtis will retire as directors and they have indicated their willingness to re-stand for election to their posts.

These directorships are open to all members of the Society: Prospective candidates wishing to stand should read and then read and apply to be part of the election via by 11:59pm on 29th April 2021.

If there are more than two candidates standing there will be an election held via Survey Monkey.

If only two candidates stand they will be declared elected uncontested.

Notifications pertaining to the election shall only be to members via their registered email addresses. The election will be managed by the Secretary of the Society, Mike Thornton.

Leeds Fans Utd CBS Board – 23rd April 2021