Leeds Fans Utd CBS Ltd

Leeds Fans Utd announced on 1st December 2018 that the existing share offer would close at 9am on 31st December 2018.

On 21st December 2018 Leeds Fans Utd and Leeds United Football Club announced that they have agreed Heads of Terms on introducing supporter investment into the Club, details of which can be found here (link here: Leeds United and LFU Agreement ).

Angus Kinnear, CEO of Leeds United, said in the match programme on 29th December 2018 that “we were able to announce that we have agreed heads of terms with supporters group Leeds Fans Utd with a view to achieving our shared objective of allowing supporters to hold an ownership stake in the club. We aim to announce full details of the heritage shares next year, but the aims are to give supporters a meaningful voice at board level, long-term control over key pillars of the Leeds United identity and to help fund our vision of creating a world-class training ground, Academy and community sports hub in the centre of Leeds. We believe this initiative can reinforce supporters’ position at the heart of your club.”

The LFU Exec